PF Balance check with UAN Number by sending SMS / IVRS

Know your EPF Balance with UAN number or PF Balance check with UAN Number or via SMS or via IVRS at website…..
From time to time people try to check the PF balance to know the amount of saving they have in their account. There may be some other added reason. Maybe, they want to avail some kind of loan against their EPF account or they want to plan the future expenses well. Whatever be the reason, the people always desire to check their PF balance from time to time.

Provident Fund enables the employees to manage to retire saving scheme. The PF enables to the employees to contribute a part of saving towards each month for the pension fund. The amount gets occurred and can access to the lump-sum account. The provident fund is the high amount of money that helps you to grow your retirement corpus.

There are only three types of PF

  • The general provident fund
  • The provident retirement fund
  • The public provident fund. 

Before the launch of the unified portal of the EPFO, a person has to rub his slippers up to the EPF office to know the balance. But now the process has been eased to a greater extent. And there is not just one way of checking the PF balance. You can check the PF balance in a variety of ways i.e. with the help of UAN Number, SMS, IVRS or PF Number. Let us discuss all of them one by one:

PF Balance Check with UAN Number at

You can know your PF balance check with UAN number in the EPFO portal very easily if you have an activated UAN Number. This is a method used to check the PF balance with UAN. Actually, a UAN Number is a unique number given to the employees who are enrolled under the EPF scheme. This number remains unchanged throughout their life irrespective of how many different companies they change. So know the EPF balance check with UAN Number is quite easy. Just follow the steps discussed below to check the PF balance with the help of UAN Number:

  • On the official page of the EPFO portal i.e., search for the ‘Our Services’ section.
  • From the drop-down Menu which appears next, select the option ‘For employees’.
  • Now in the new window which appears next, you will again see a section with the heading ‘Services’. In that section, search for the ‘Member Passbook’ hyperlink and click on that.
  • This link will take you to a Login page. You need to enter your UAN and password here. This will give you access to your EPF account. On its home page, you can easily check your PF balance.

PF Balance with UAN number or PF number or by sending SMS

One can easily check the PF balance with UAN by sending SMS. But before using this service, you need to meet some pre-requisites. The first and foremost condition is that you need to link your UAN with the KYC details. KYC details especially contain any of the following information Aadhaar or bank account or PAN. If you are sure that your UAN number is linked to the KYC, send the SMS as follows: (a) Write EPFOHO UAN ENG in the message box (b) Now send this message on the number 7738299899.

pf balance check with uan
PF Balance check with UAN Number

Note: In the message ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’, ENG is sent to get the message in English. The EPFO has provided the service that you can set your language of communication as per your preference, and for this, you just have to write the first three letters of the language in which you wish to receive the information. For e.g., if I wish to receive the information in Hindi, I have to write the message as ‘EPFOHO UAN HIN’ and send it on 7738299899. For Marathi, one needs to write MAR in place of ENG or HIN.  It provides this service in about 10 languages i.e. Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi and English. 

  • By using a UMANG app: Everyone may have to tracking your PF balance with the help of the UMANG mobile application. It gives access to several government services in one place. You can check the EPF passbook, raise a claim and even track the application using the app. You need to complete the one-time registration for it. 
  • By sending an SMS: It is one of the most natural procedure and you can quickly know the EPF balance by sending a message. In the process, you have to send SMS to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number. Once you do that, then you will get the message. It contains EPF balance. The format is such EPFPHO UAN ENG, and in the form, the last three words show the language. You have to choose in which language you want the message from the EPFO. 

EPF Balance check with UAN Number or by giving missed call

One can very easily check the PF balance check with UAN Number by giving missed call by giving a missed call. But one cannot give a missed call from any number. One has to give a missed call from the registered mobile number to which the PF account is linked. Again the balance can be checked with the missed call, only if, your UAN is linked to the KYC details. You can do so yourself, or you can take the help of your employer. The process to get the information through a missed call is as such:

  1. First, you need to give a missed call on the toll-free number 011-22901406.
  2. Once you make a call, your call gets disconnected automatically or you can manually disconnect the call.
  3. After that, you will get an SMS which will contain all of your PF details including your balance.

Check EPF Balance with PF Number in

This is also another method of knowing the PF balance check with pf number. For this, you need to Login to the EPFO portal.

  • First, keep your PF account number handy. The PF account number can generally be traced to the salary slip of the employee.
  • Now reach out to the link
  • On this new page, you first need to select the state. Here, don’t select the state in which you are residing right now, but select the state in which you had made the registration of your PF account. Don’t you know the state or registered office of your PF account? If not, don’t worry, you can easily make a search for it by visiting the link
  • In the window which appears next, you need to enter personal details such as Name and mobile number, as well as your PF Number.
  • In the end, tick the check-box in front of ‘I Agree’ and then click the ‘Submit’ tab.
  • Now you will instantly get the information related to your PF balance on your registered mobile number.

I think I have listed all the possible ways in which you can check your balance. There is one more way by which you can check the PF balance i.e. by using the official ‘UMANG’ App of the EPFO. I will discuss later how to use the UMANG App of the EPFO to avail all of its services and especially about how to check the PF balance using the UMANG App.

If you have found any fault with the methods listed above to find the PF balance check with uan number, please do share it with us for the common good of all.

PF Balance check without UAN Number in

Procedure on know your EPF Balance / PF Balance check without UAN Number or PF Number in website….
Provident fund is a necessary government- managed retirement saving plan that is similar to the social security program in the India. These retirement benefits are only available to salaried persons. The employer and the employee who contribute a certain percentage of the basic salary each month mostly create the PF.  The Employees Provident Fund Organization manages the Pension fund.  In some countries like India, the provident fund contribution is a mandatory requirement. The EPF contribution is made on a monthly basis without fail.

When you start working, both you and your employer will have to contribute 12% of your basic salary to your employee provident fund account. Your employer will provide 3.67% out of the 12% while the employee commits the whole 12%. The remaining 8.33% of the employers’ contribution is then disbursed to your Employee Pension Scheme.

It is imperative for employees to regularly update their EPF account in case they change jobs so that both you and your new employer can start contributing to your retirement scheme. A trust usually invests all the provident funds pooled together from different employees. An employee is allowed to withdraw all his or her Provident Fund from their account. To check if you have an Employee Provident fund account visit the EPFO official website and access all their services online.

Pf balance check without uan Number
PF balance check without Uan Number

How to Check PF Balance with UAN Number at

The Universal Account Number abbreviated as UAN, is a number that allows the portability of employees who have PF accounts from one employer to another. Another significant advantage is that the employee can withdraw his or her funds without depending on any employer for withdrawal. Here is a procedure of how an employee can check their Epfindia PF balance having their UAN at

  • The first step is to visit the Employees Provident Fund Organization site online using this link
  • On the home page, click on that tab with the option, ‘For Employees’ and then click on the ‘Our Services’ Option.
  • Next step is to select the employees’ state where the Provident Fund is registered.Under the ‘Services’ option click on the option ‘Member Passbook’.
  • You will be redirected to a login page where you are required to fill in all the relevant information accurately. Some of the details to be filled include the mobile number, PF number, UAN number and a password.
  • After filling in your UAN number and password, you will now be able to access your Provident Funds balance, which might be sent to you through an SMS.

How to PF Balance check Without UAN Number or PF Number at

In case you do not have your UAN number,you can still know your PF balance check without UAN Number by following below two methods.

Method1: Through an SMS

  • One can check their PF balance without UAN by leaving a missed call to 011-22901406, and they will get back to you with a message having your PF balance.
  • Once you leave the missed call, you will receive a message showing your PF balance check without UAN / PF number, your age, and name as you had registered.
  • You will follow this format when sending the message EPFOHO UAN and send it to7738299899 using the mobile number you registered with.

Method 2: Use the Member Portal

  • To check your Provident Fund Balance using your member portal, register online by entering your PF number, name, and your identification documents.
  • The next step is to log into the member’s portal using your Know Your Customer (KYC)documents and number.
  • To verify your authenticity, a  One-time password will be sent to your mobile number used during registration.
  • Enter your PF number to download the PF passbook. Moreover, to confirm your validity another one-time password will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Once you key in the Onetime password, you will be redirected to a download link for the Employee Provident Fund Passbook.
  • Download the link and check your PF balance without UAN.

Method 3: By Giving a Missed Call

If you want to receive the EPF balance without UAN Number with the help of the missed call with the help of the valid UAN number. You have to give a miscall to the 011-22901406. You will get all the information in just matter of the section. You have to make sure that the UAN connected to the Bank account number, Aadhaar and Pan Card. 

These are the ways you can check your EPF balance with or without UAN number. It is easier to check your EPF balance anytime. EPF balance helps you to make sure the life after retirement stays safe and happier.

How to Check EPF Balance using PF number?

The Employee Provident Fund Organization recently launched a mobile App to help all the Employee Provident Fund members get their services online in the comfort of their phones. The EPF mobile App allows members to get services like Missed call service, SMS UAN activation and many more. The other function that one can get from the mobile App is checking their PF balance using their PF number.

  • The first step is to send a message with your UAN registered mobile number in this format EPFOHO to 7738299899.
  • While sending the message, you should also include your last contribution, your total PF amount, and your KYC to enable the organization in finding your records as they have registered numerous employees in India.
  • After that, the Employee Provident Fund Organization will send you all the required member information including your PF balance.

There is a another way to check your EPF Balance without UAN but using PF Number. Here is the process for users…..

  • Using Umang App

This application was recently launched by the Indian government and it provides different govt services at one place. To view your EPF balance check without UAN Number by using UMANG application, all you need to do is complete a one-time registration through your mobile phone.

  • Sending an SMS

To use this facility, you will need to provide the valid Universal Account Number [UAN] which is registered with EPFO. Once this is done, you will receive PF balance check without UAN Number by sending a SMS to the number provided.

  • Using the EPFO app

This is done by downloading the Mee-sewa app of EPFO  from Google Play Store. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, click on ‘Member’ then enter ‘Balance / passbook’. This is followed by keying-in your registered mobile number and UAN.